Natural RP feminine voice can switch between light, breathy and whimsical or upbeat, assured and excited - your choice! Great at accents too. Including authentic Northern Irish, Southern Irish, London and Somerset accents.


Trained in Acting at The Arts Educational School, Chiswick, London, 3 years.
Diploma in Acting with REP season at Richmond Drama School, Greater London
Post Grad Diploma in Screen acting at Redroofs Film School, Bray Film Studios.
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art - Shakespeare course, London


Recent credits include:
Lead Girl, LE TRICOT PERUGIA FASHION COMPANY, Desegno Italy, Jacopo Sani
Announcer, POD FICTION RADIO SHOW, The Masala Factory, Shekeil Iqbal
Young Traveller, THE DE-TOURIST KUONI TRAVEL, Audiobooking , Heiko Schlachter & Jochen Helfert
Blink & Evo the Fairy, VOICES FOR VIDEO GAMES, Utter Brilliance, Mark Estdale
Pavlik Morozov, PAVLIK FEATURE 'RUSSIAN COMMUNIST YOUTH', BBC World Service, Neil McCarthy
Film Voice Over, Young Irish Girl, FILM: TITANIC TOWN, British Screen Productions, Roger Michell
Voice Over on Film 'House of Cards' playing 'Virginia' a young model living in London, for Dir Brian Skeet


Editing & post-production skills