Tamara Ryan

Tamara Ryan

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"real and conversational voice with youth and energy"

Specializing in voice over for Animation, commercials, video games, interactive, educational, whiteboard animation, explainer videos and more. Voice types include: Youthful, friendly, smart, energetic, upbeat, sassy, edgy, quirky, humorous, confident, assertive, natural, real, girl next door, down to earth, conversational, tomboy, teen, cheerful, bright, excited, high energy, knowledgable, mother, authentic, believable, AI, modern, characters, deep, smokey, husky, texture, rasp, attitude, cocky, and vibrant.

Tamara can help you with a large variety of projects. With over 5 years of professional experience, she has worked on commercials, games, audio books, whiteboard animation and much more! If you're in need of a professional female voice actress, Tamara's wide range of voice styles and excellent training will ensure a top notch performance every time!
Voice Over Services

Video Game voices
Explainer videos
Whiteboard Animation
Mobile Game Apps
Audio books


Voice Over
2008 – 2014

Acting - Academy of Art University - Peter Lewis
Adventures in Voice Acting - Bang Zoom Entertainment - Tony Oliver
Video Game Reality Check- Voicetrax - Jacquie Shriver
One Take Masters-Voicetrax-Samantha Paris
Intensively Intense Character Seminar- Voicetrax-Charlie Adler
Intensively Intense Character Seminar 2-Voicetrax- Charlie Adler
Sound-A-Like Savvy- Voicetrax- Ned Lott
Animation Extravaganza-Voicetrax- Charlie Adler
Shifting Gears-Voicetrax-SF Agent
Colors of your Voice-Voicetrax-Thom Pinto
Taming of the Mic-Voicetrax-Chuck Kourouklis
Scene Study-Voicetrax-Susan Blu
Direct Thyself-Voicetrax-Samantha Paris
Commercials vs Cartoons vs Video Games-Voicetrax-LA Agent
Anime Boot Camp-Voicetrax-Crispin Freeman
Creating Characters-Voicetrax-Samantha Paris
Simply Acting-Voicetrax-Frank Coppola
Gamerology-Voicetrax-Jacquie Shriver
Inside and Out: Dialects-Voicetrax-Sirenetta Leoni
Script Analysis-Voicetrax-Samantha Paris



The Old City lady wisdom/ dame folly PostMod Softworks

The Red Solstice Nyx Ironward

Dark Storm Lauren/Jill Fenrir Studios

Solarix Betty Pulestense Games

Alexander the Great: ​Secrets of Power Denise Irina Chaban

Eleusis Cult leader Nocturnal Works

StoneRage Singer/Human/Neanderthal MountainWheel Games

Fates Forever Announcer Hammer and Chisel


Vionics Foot Vionics Foorwear
Flip Words Announcer Flip Words
Morph Fire BB Gun Narrator Morph Fire
Shin Ramen End Tag Announcer Nongshin Shin Ramen
Planned Parenthood Girl Planned Parenthood
Del Taco (National Radio) Female Chef Del Taco
Infinite Lash Announcer Image Incorporated
Raos Cakes Announcer e. Sullivan Advertising
Vanity Cosmetic Girl/Woman ABC Miami Enterprises LLC
Relay Foods Announcer Visionary Media LLC

Web Explainers

Snapverse Narrator Wiretree, llc

DVD Download Narrator Finley Holiday Films


Educational Narrator Book Buddy

Danger Info Narrator Milo Danger


Special Skills

Improvisation, Singer, British, Cockney, Boston, New York, Southern