Susanna Griffiths

Susanna Griffiths

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"A natural, warm and reassuring voice with huge versatility."

My natural accent is RP/soft London and my voice is natural, believable and real which means I am well placed for a variety of different genres and products. As an actress I have had extensive voice training, so am able to use my voice effectively and am confident at sight reading and taking direction quickly and positively.

During my VO training I discovered that I have a natural talent for narrative work, especially corporate, documentaries and e-learning. I love the challenge of medical texts and my mature and reassuring character of voice is especially suited to narrative texts.

My commercial work is equally strong and my voice is particularly well suited to higher end beauty commercials as well as food and home products.


I am a trained actress and singer and have recently branched out into VO. I trained with JP and Mike at The Showreel and had 7 sessions with them prior to recording my commercial and narrative demos there. I have also booked on to future workshops with them to hone my skills in my home studio and to develop as a professional VO.


As I am just starting out on my VO journey I haven’t had any professional VO experience, however, I am in discussions with several local small businesses and contacts about producing some VO work for them in the near future.


I am a classically trained singer with a very large vocal range (2.5 octaves) and would welcome any musical work as well as straight VO.