Stephanie Sales

Stephanie Sales

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"Warm, Reassuring and Very Smooth"

Thirty years experience in TV and Radio Commercials, Radio IDs, Educational Narration and Podcasts, Medical Animation Narration, Corporate Narrations, and Telephone Information Services.


Trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and extensive voice training from Patsy Rodenburg and Sheila Moriarty.


Radio & TV campaigns includes Holiday Inn, P&O Cruises, Persil, Oxo, Herbal Essences, L'Oreal, Nivea, QVC, Direct Line, GE, Danon, Splenda, Great Western Trains, Now Magazine and David Clulow.
Radio & TV Trailers includes BBC One, BBC Two, BBC America, Sky News, Shopping Channel, QVC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Sky FM Radio, Jazz Radio, Radio Tunes, and Solar Radio.
Website Audio includes Lexus, Microsoft, Herbal Essences and Bairstow & Eves.
Educational Narrations and Podcasts includes Cambridge Publishing, Dorling Kindersley, Oxford Press and Bee Publishing.
Documentary Narration includes Biography Channel, The History Channel and Sky Arts.
Medical Animation narration includes projects for London Hospital Of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Random 42 and TVF.
Corporate Narrations include Skania, GE, AMC, General Motors and Hayes & Jarvis.
Telephone information Services for over 20 London Embassies & Tourist Boards, Harvey Nichols, Asda, Hickstead, Air Miles, British Weather Services.


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