Sirach Deen

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"Power, Attitude and a whole lot of Passion!"
Sirach Deen

I specialize more in Character Voice acting.
I can voice characters with medium to high ranges of voice, and characters with lower tones.
I'm especially effective when voicing roles with high demand of energy and delivery.


I underwent training under my mentor and experienced voice actor, Dave Soltura.
As well as through self exploration, learned to handle DAWs such as Audition and Audacity.
before voice acting, I was part of a campus broadcasting group which is where I've taken all my vocal warm ups from.


So far, I've managed to land roles in a handful of minor projects over the course of my career which has only gone on for a year and 9 months now.
I have voiced in an RPG Maker game titled, "Exile's Reign: One Last Time", created and directed by Noveniel Volkov.
Aside from the aforementioned project above, I have also lended my voice in some YouTube videos.


For special skills, I can sing fairly well, especially pieces from Broadway shows such as Les Miserables, Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen.
In post-production, as I had mentioned earlier I have experience with Audacity and Audition and can boost and fairly balance audio files before submission, if per the request of the director.