Silvia McClure

Silvia McClure

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"conversational real deep sophisticated energetic"

Your project is very important to me and I will voice it with utmost care and in the tone you've imagined it: conversational or authoritative, real and natural or sophisticated, energetic or calming and confident. I can give you a smooth and sexy read, or informative, professional and corporate. If you prefer a smart, friendly, non-announcery and inviting read, I can do that as well. Does your project ask for an honest and believable read, relaxed or commanding? You got it.
Most small projects have a 24 hour turn around time and my rate always includes a re-recording of the same script.
I am looking forward to working with you!


Promo, Jodi Gottlieb and Jeff Howell, Hollywood
Animation/Commercial, Cynthia Songe, Su Blu Studio, Studio City
Private Voice Lessons, Bob Corff, Los Angeles
Commercial, Sandy Holt, Los Angeles
Audiobook/Animation/Commercial/Industrial, Laurel van der Linde, Hollywood


Vantage Travel Videos (English)
Children's stories (German)
Endless Dream narration (English
GSD Call Center (German)
Clearpoint "Diabetes" Elearning (English)
CPPS phone message (English and French)
Compliance Elearning (English)
BigFish Videogames (German)
Trysik Skiarea Promo Video (German)
Voicemail/Phone messages - BRP (English, German, French)
BabyPlayFace - App (German)
Musee Chateau Ramezay - Narration (German)
Saragossa, Spain - City Tourguide (German)
GEF Documentary - Narration (French)
Clio - Online Tutorial
AdCommerce for Ebay - Online Tutorial
Vivendi Universal - Interactive Video Games
United Nations Development - French Narrator
Textbooks on Tape - Reader
Passenger Aircraft Briefing - German Voice
Beating Teena: Documentary - ADR
Facets of the World - Various Characters
Numerous Radio Commercials and on hold messages


Fluent in German, French and English. Offering translation services (English to German and German to English) and add music to voice-tracks.