from young girl to foxy mature woman, neutral to posh accent, friendly to savvy, ng siew hong is capable of crafting a wide variety of mandarin voices. using top of the range studio equipment to provide you a superb quality recording.


after bagging a number of prestigious journalistic and broadcasting scholarships and awards, ng siew hong embarked on a career as radio presenter in taipei and recorded her very first radio commercial, her unique voice quality soon become a favorite for many clients who are looking for the perfect voice for their products or services.
ng siew hong has been the voiceover for many mandarin radio and tv commercials,
IVR, corporate films, DVD projects, inflight announcements as well as animations.
as a professional mandarin voiceover artist, her voice and delivery style is frequently used for many voiceover projects..


tv voice credits
dove, discovery channel, olay, pantene, mc donalds, kfc, shell, panasonic,
mitsubishi electrics, olympus, maybeline new york, nivea, estee lauder...etc
radio voice credits
pizza hut, coca-cola, lipton, neutrogena, canon, loreal, acer, cadbury's,
anlene, oral B, citibank, universal music, sony bmg, rexona, ikea...etc
inflight announcements
etihad airways, new zealand airways..etc
dvd projects
bayer earth, tibet lizhung community hospital, panasonic, toshiba..etc
ivr projects
hsbc bank, arab malaysian bank, hotlink, hong leong bank...etc


jingles projects
mc donalds, nestle drumstick, mamypoko...etc

singer songwriter
'think of something naughty', music arrangement by ian habgood.