Shane Watkins

Shane Watkins

Mitglied seit 9 Jahren
"My voice is easygoing, expressive, friendly and personable."

When I was introduced to the voice acting industry it was love at first read. My voice-over delivery style is best described as easygoing, expressive, friendly and personable. I naturally sound like a brother, dad, buddy and every day man.

I'm also a trained sound engineer with a full studio. After my training at the recording workshop in Chillicothe Ohio "93" I began producing radio ads, on hold music and voice-over recordings.


I have studied voice acting with the prestigious Edge Studio and Boston Casting. I have trained with these well respected coaches: Sonny Dufault, Michael Ingram, Deb Munro, Kristin Price, Danielle Quisenberry and Noelle Romano.


Most recent voice-over jobs include:
Chanel Fashion
Shopping Cart Technologies
Maine Health Access Foundation
Useal USA
Noyle W. Johnson
Family Tree Service
Slew Hampshire

Additional handyman voice over work...
- created customized music beds for several local businesses
- sidekick for the Rick Dirck show that was held live once a week on WSCA-106 FM
- mixed and mastered inspirational Cd's for several Independent Sales Directors with Mary Kay Cosmetics
- Voice services included editing, mixing and mastering.


- Trained singer
- Provide vocals for live and recorded performances
- Write lyrics and melodies
- Provides customized music beds and samples