Sebastian Cooper

Mitglied seit 7 Jahren
"I have public school boy accent but I am very adaptable."

Besides the fact that I have a public school accent, I have a very adaptable voice and I am always ready accept a new challenge.
I have provided my voice for the following categories:
Audio guides
An animated cartoon
Teaching material
In my latest demos I have also recorded advertisements, different characters for a computer game and a documentary.
I thoroughly enjoy voice-over work and I am continuously trying to find more.


I have a considerable amount of experience and I have also had training from Miss Lara Parmiani.


Most of my work has been in Hungary and I have recorded a considerable amount of corporate videos for the following companies:
Adam Music Kft
Managing Director: Ádám Végvári
Company profile: Sound and lighting engineering
Address: Kalauz u. 2. 1141 Budapest, Hungary
Telephone: (+36-1) 220 1322
Mobile: (+36) 30- 996-1870

Arntroll Creative Solutions Kft
Contact: Ailen Anna Nagy
Company Profile: A Creative Media Production Company that loves to provide fresh and exciting ideas for your visual communication. It delivers personalised and professional solutions, in all formats..
Address: Horánszky u. 13.Budapest, Hungary 1085 Telephone: (mobile) : (+36-1) 30 748 8924 Email:

I have provided my voice for corporate videos and radio shows for,
Gramy Records
Managing Director: Attila Égerházi
Company profile: Part of the Gramy Group, which services include the following:
The Gramy record label,
A recording- and film studio,
An office for graphic- and web design An agency for advertisement and event management.
Address: Ráday u. 40. Budapest 1092 Hungary Telephone: (+36-1) 217-1121, (+36-1) 217-2300
fax: (+36-1) 218-0166
mobile: (+36-20) 933-1694


I play guitar and I enjoy composing songs and tunes.