Sassy Clyde

Sassy Clyde

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"Well spoken, authoritative and sensual in my lower range."

As an actor, trained to Masters level, I can approach a piece of text with a thorough understanding of what needs to be achieved and delivered.Whether it's a fiction or non-fiction, my instincts allow me to grasp the intention and aim behind the text and transfer to my delivery. I have a keen ear for delivering the appropriate tone, pitch, intonation and pace. I have spent 10 years as a working actor on the London fringe theatre and comedy scenes and built up a client base for voice over work along the way. As a stage performer I have a habitual understanding of delivering to entertain and inform.


I trained at Bath Spa University in Performance Arts, and then went on to do my masters at East 15 Acting School in Acting for Screen and Radio.


2015 Voice Over
Commercial Brakes Group- The List Janno Productions
2015 Voice Over
Commercial Brakes Group Janno Productions
2015 Voice Over
Corporate eBay & Paypal gift aid Janno Productions
2014 Voice Over
Corporate Johnsson Matthey Health and safety Crooked House Films
2013 Voice Over
Corporate Linx Networks Janno Productions
2013 Voice Over
Coaching ID Chair User Guide Janno Productions
2012 Princess
Cartoons n00bs Tea and Cheese


I have skills in post production.