Sarah Jane Rose

Sarah Jane Rose

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"Rich and full with a touch of Sass."

Having spent many years in the Wine Trade, I often find writing about my voice is very similar to writing tasting notes. My voice has been described by clients has having velvety tones, a note I have written many times for a good bottle. With that in my work tends to lean to the more luxurious side of things, I am however just as comfortable turning on my peppy voice, embellishing stories and using my experience to turn the most basic, informative piece into something worth listening to.


Training is constant, not something to be attended once and forgotten about. I trained as an actor originally at The Poor School in London, but sadly acting training does not necessarily link directly to voice work, projecting on stage is a very different beast to sitting in my booth talking to myself. Since launching my voice over career I have attended several training session including at The Showreel in Lonon, The Actors Centre and training through Gravy for The Brain.


My favourite client at the moment is a regular, I voice several magazine articles for Horsemanship Journal. Audio Magazine articles are a little niche, but something I have really enjoyed. But I recently voiced a beautiful short story about a tree with no name. I am also working on a Radio Drama Podcast and a Wine Podcast.