Samuel John

Samuel John

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"Charming, Upbeat, Laddish and Smooth."

Narration: Informative, Upbeat, Authoritative and Neutral.

Continuity: Relaxed, Friendly and warm.

Presentations/Applications/Instructional: Alert, Lively and trustworthy.


- 2:1, BA Performing Arts, Middlesex University

- Ecole Phillipe Gaulier

- Voice Over workshop and Training by JP @ The SHowreel, London.


"Sam responded to direction very aptly and was very professional. He was able to get the tone just right for International SOS."

Clare Leona-Apps, Director


Access to broadcast quality studios at a professional Audio studio.
I use a'Audio Technika AT-4040' microphone, a 'Focus Right Saffire Pro 14' audio interface and a 'TL Audio Fatman' Compressor.
I can access to an ISDN facility if necessary!

I am an experienced Actor and Comedian and have worked with the Promos and Continuity at BSkyB for the past 3 years.
I have worked extensively in commercial capacity and have had wide experience in utilising my vocal skills on stage, screen and behind the mic.