Sam Coren

Sam Coren

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"Young, mature, professional. Suited for any project."

As a voice actor, I am constantly improving myself and growing my talent. Every single day I wake up better than the last. Any sort of project you may have, I am ready, willing, and able to satisfy your voice-over needs.


I was trained by one of the best in the industry, none other than Tommy Griffiths. Throughout over a year of one-on-one coaching, I've honed my skills with real-world scenarios. Not only did my voice-over abilities completely transform under his tutelage, my professional skills also developed into something you may not even see from established voice actors.


I have yet to receive a paying job, but don't let that fool you. While many others jump right into voice-over in an attempt to establish themselves, ultimately leading to sub-par performances and negative reviews, I took the time to learn. My patience and perseverance is what sets me apart. Trust me, my lack of a billion-dollar-company-pedigree won't stop me from delivering to you the best voice over performance for your project.


Unless otherwise requested, all of my performances will be edited by myself to remove unwanted noise and ensure normalization. No post-production effects will be added, leaving you with complete creative freedom to pull together your vision for your project. As my skillset grows, post-production effects may be offered, however for now I can only offer you absolutely raw, unedited performances or touched-up recordings for your convenience.