Ryan Cordoni

Ryan Cordoni

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"North American Tenor with a Bag of Tricks"

Ryan "Doni" Cordoni here - voice and audio guy. I’d love to help you with your next project!
I've been doing voiceover work for a while, but I'm hoping to make it a much bigger part of my life this year (with your help, of course).

I got started with voice work by chance. Having already built a studio for music production, a friend of mine came over to record some voiceover demos. I was intrigued, and I began creating voiceover projects for myself - a task made easier by my work in the field of marketing. Soon I was able to work on a variety of projects, and eventually, through some connections, I was able to do some work for Vogue Magazine, Hennessy, and L'Occitane. Beyond that, as a freelancer, I've worked for dozens of smaller companies.

Over the years, I've become experienced with the following:
• Radio/Internet Ads • E-Learning • Narration • Audiobooks • Podcast Segments • Character Voices

So why work with me? Here's what sets me apart:
- I'm a signed music producer with a studio (including some great microphones).
- I'm a marketing professional, so I understand the business world and your goals.
- As a music producer, my audio production/mixing/mastering skills are advanced.
- I'm a standup comedian (when time allows), so uh... I can be funny.


Believe it or not, my first ever project (a children's audiobook), was recorded under the tutelage of one of Michael Bublé's vocal coaches. Her name was Kathy Fournier, one of the best people I ever knew.


I've put together audio and performed voice on my own productions, as a freelancer, and in professional marketing roles for the last several years. I’ve worked with companies like Vogue, GQ, Hennessy, and L’Occitane. Beyond that, I've worked with dozens of companies you've probably never heard, as well as a handful of podcasters.

As a voice talent, I've performed and recorded:
- Training/e-Learning Videos
- Internet/Radio Commercials
- Freelance Narration/Voiceover
- Technical Videos
- Audiobooks
- My Own Podcasts
- Podcast Intros
- Children's Audiobooks (only a few when I was an intern)
- ...lots of random voice work


I'm a music producer (signed to a couple medium sized labels), so I can produce music. Mostly I work with electronic music, but I've been doing this for 10 years and I have a number of tricks up my sleeve. I have my own studio and I produce all my own voiceovers. I love this stuff!