Rowena Robinson

Rowena Robinson

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"Versatile, professional and smooth."

With professional training both in broadcasting as well as speech and drama teaching combined with over 30 years experience my voice will deliver what you are wanting. As an actor I love having fun with commercials and characterisations. I also have much experience in narrating for documentaries and info videos. Audio books is a perfect fit for me as well. My voice is smooth yet engaging. My accent has been described as 'global' as I have lived in Great Britain, the U.S.. Australia and New Zealand. I speak naturally with a soft Australian accent but that can change on demand. I love what I do and it shows.


I trained at the Columbia School of Broadcasting in San Diego and also at the Trinity College, London, where I qualified as a Speech and Drama Teacher. I have worked in radio, television and media companies as a voice talent and I have trained others in voice, speech and acting. While reading Books for talking radio, I was trained by a BBC correspondent.


I achieved the Silver medal for the highest mark in my performance exam for speech and drama teaching in my area. I have worked on projects for companies such as Woodside, Lockwood Homes and several media companies in Perth, Western Australia and New Zealand. I've done thousands of commercials over the years. In every radio station I have worked in, both in Australia and New Zealand as a copy-writer, I did all the female voice overs and directed all commercials. While living in the U.K., I was accepted as a reader for the BBC and was a reader for the British Talking Radio. Overall, I have experience in audio books, commercials, education videos, short documentaries, messages on hold and radio news reading.


I work from my home sound booth and produce all my work.