Rosemarie Galvez

Rosemarie Galvez

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"Warm, sophisticated, animated, or sensual"

I have a neutral American accent; my diction is excellent, my voice clear and smooth. I can do announcer parts with a lot of energy or more subdued, with a smile or nonchalant, depending on the need. I am also very good with characters and mostly get hired for my ability to impart a whole range of emotions with my voice.


I would like to think I started training not just my voicing, but my acting skills, early on. I was a stage actress from age 10 and would do many plays over the years, until in my mid-20s, when I tried out for voice over work. I got one project after another as a voice over, and that was when I knew I loved being a voice over artist.


I have done (and still do) voice over work for Hit Productions, Inc. (; Cutting Edge Productions (; AudioWAV (; Wildfire, Inc. (, and a host of other production companies and direct clients.


I can do either an older- or younger-sounding female voice, and love playing various character parts.