Roger Bernier

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"A versatile voice of sophistication"
Roger Bernier

I have a very unique, easy-going, yet sophisticated delivery. I consider myself a natural storyteller, and can make even the most dry and technical narration sound engaging to the listener.


My voiceover skills were developed over 20 years of narrating instructional, training videos and recordings, and commercial production for radio and television. I trained with Dan O'Day and Dick Orkin in Los Angeles at their Radio Production Summit seminars and I have taken workshops with voiceover and animation guru Pat Fraley, including his "Art of Self-Direction". In 2001, I was nominated and won the Puget Sound Regional Broadcasters Association "Soundie" award for voicing the most humorous radio commercial of the year.


I have successfully voiced training and instructional videos for Continental Airlines, Conoco Oil, Aramco Oil, Shell Oil, Ford Motor Company, Microsoft, Gap, Compaq Computers and other corporations, and I have voiced commercials for Mercedes of San Diego, John Deere, Tacoma Tall Ships, Remco (U.S. & Canada),sd Merv Griffin Enterprises, Thomas Kinkade Galleries, Thriftway Stores, Big Idea Productions and others. I have been featured in several television commercials, including Mahan Law Offices in Houston, and I was a police officer extra in the BBC Production "Unnatural Pursuits", featured on the A & E Network. My work includes Muzak On-Hold Telephone Marketing, including such clients as, Hilton Hotels, Marriott, City of Philadelphia, Hilton Head Country Club, and the IGA In-Store Radio Network.


I am expertly trained in production and post-production skills on Adobe Audition and other digital editing software.