Robert Rice

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"Warm and youthful with a hint of quirk"

I'm an LA-based SAG-AFTRA actor who has worked for almost a decade in both NYC and LA. You can catch me in musical theater, commercials, TV, Films and on new media.

Generally speaking, my work often fits well into a few comedic archetypes: dry/sarcastic with a heart of gold, Billy Eichner-style hysteria, and smart guy with a secret. On the dramatic side, the smart guy's secret is usually murder!

Some fun facts:
I speak Japanese.
I sing with a barbershop quartet (you may have caught us on a GEICO commercial!)
I also sing with a caroling group here in LA (we sang with Rob Riggle on FOX Sports!)
I sing solo, as well.

My "special sauce" is that I also have an extensive background in copywriting, so I understand first hand the value of marketing copy (and how much work goes into creating it!). I'm here to help make your vision come to life!


I've been performing in theater for almost 20 years of my life.

Acting/On-Camera training includes:
HB Studios in NYC (Uta Hagen-style)
Groundlings and UCB for improv
Eastman School of Music for voice
Killian's Workshop (LA) for commercial acting
Brian Reise Studios (LA) on-camera training

V.O. training includes:
Abacus Entertainment (NYC) Commercial & Animation V.O. with Bryan Falk and Bruce Kronenberg
Peter Baker V.O. Masterclass (Virtual) Commercial V.O. and home studio setup
Real Voice L.A. (ongoing)


My first ever VO gig was a Street Fighter motion comic (and my nerdy dream come true!)
Other projects include:
sci-fi audio drama
rom com scripted podcast
neo-noir audio drama


Singing, Vocal harmonies, barbershop quartet (we're able to record and mix as a group!), caroling
Accents: American southern, transatlantic, R.P. British, London, Brooklyn