Robert Pike Daniel

Robert Pike Daniel

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"Accomplished, flexible and cultured, English in many accents."

With a deep to medium pitch for narration, Robert recites books-on-tape, produces radio commentary and corporate or business presentation projects. Robert admits to a love of performing "bad guy" characters. Robert has a very adaptable voice for commercials and can perform in a believable British or North American dialect. One would find it difficult to determine Robert's native language. Are you looking for a character voice actor? Look no further. Robert Pike Daniel has extensive animation experience playing a wide range of characters. Personal Website: Keywords:British, Scottish, Irish, North American, South African, Versatile, Flexible, On-Camera, On Camera, Actor, Believable, Authentic, Charismatic, Friendly, Funny, Competent, Gifted, Skilled Lilt, Inflection, Strong, Deep, Gruff, Authentic, Genuine, Accent, On Screen, On Camera , Robert Daniel


BBC voice training (Approved voice, BBC World Service, London)
Susan Blu - Animation


BBC World Service (London), LBC (London), RTHK (Hong Kong), Fox (USA), NBC (USA), ABC (USA), CBS (USA), USA Network (USA), Comedy Central (USA), Sony (USA), Universal Studios (USA), Columbia Studios (USA), LucasArts, Electronic Arts, Disney, Saban, American Airlines, McDonalds, Starbucks, Taylor Made and many more...