Robb Moreira

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"When you book with Robb, you always #GetMore with Moreira!"

What’s in a name? For Robb Moreira, it’s obvious. When you trust your next voice over project to Robb, you get so much more than just an audio file. You get More acting ability with Robb’s Off-Broadway theater chops… More than one language because Robb is bilingual speaking both English and Spanish… and More authenticity and personality with Robb’s down-to-Earth, real-person reads. You simply #GetMore with Moreira!

Robb is a successful, and currently, working Voice Over Talent and Coach who specializes in both Spanish and English commercial work. With over a decade of acting training through the Fame School of the Arts and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, his acting pursuits in theater took him to the world of voice over, where being bilingual has truly paid off for him and his clients.

Robb also has experience in IVR and has done medical training videos in both Spanish and English. He’s read descriptions for the blind on TV cartoons like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Nina’s World and Rusty Rivets. Robb is currently the voice of “Pushy the Push Pop” in the US and Canada, and has worked commercially with McDonald’s, Lunazul Tequila, Pepsi, National Geographic, Fisher Price, AT&T and most recently campaigns with Giorgio Armani in English and Yves Saint Laurent in Spanish.


I was trained by Bruce Kronenberg of Abacus Entertainment in NYC for 4 years in commercial copy. I also trained under Bryant Faulk of Abacus Entertainment on animation and video game copy. I have done two workshops with Andrea Toyias, voice casting and director from Blizzard Entertainment on video game and animation specifically tailored to Blizzard franchises.


I am currently the voice of Pushy the Push Pop for the children's candy, Push Pop and have been their for now for 4 years. I am also the voice of Acqua di Gio Absolu and Absolu Instinct for Giorgio Armani for 3 years now. I am also the Spanish voice over voice for the men's fragrance Y by Yves Saint Laurent for 2 years. I have also had the pleasure of working with Chase, Jackson Hewitt, McDonalds, Google, Goldman Sachs, Hasbro, Kay and Lavazza.


I am adept and taking English animated characters and having them speak Spanish.