Ricky Kalu

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren •
"10 Years of Professional Experience in English and Swahili"

My voice range is fairly wide and I thrive in commercials, corporate and everyday language. I have also performed in the dubbing of reality shows and continuity announcing. I am able to translate English-Swahili combinations and have done work as a creative commercial director, language supervisor, and talent manager in the industry for over 125 production houses and advertising agencies. I currently work as a voice-over artist and a voiceover agency owner managing over 250- professional voices in Africa.


I received on the job training with a seasoned voiceover artist for over 5 years at the beginning of my career and have spent some of my time in the last few years training voiceovers and singers. I have in my career received 1 and a half years of classical voice training at Bel Canto Studios focusing on range development in Johannesburg with Hendricka Gozzi an internationally renowned-now retired soprano.


I have featured in many international brands such as Coke, Ford, Ariel, Royco, Old Mutual, KFC, Gaviscon. I have been able to transfer some of what I know to scores of beginner voice artists and continue to be a mentor for some.


I am a singer and I work as a Swahili to English and vice-versa translator, I am a professional media localization expert for an African context.