Randy Casey

Randy Casey

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"Normal but catchy... engaging."

Radio, TV, Journalism student turned professional broadcaster / studio engineer.  Left the sort of "ego-driven" personality of that industry; but took the knowledge of timely, efficient, and quality audio production with me. After much research and further training and development in the field of voice over with a national company, am now committed full time to freelance work. Currently own and operate professional audio equipment and studio space...combining small town work ethic with big city sound to service clients around the globe


Constantly training & researching for the past few years and continue daily! First reached out to a professional company & went through extensive courses including live, interactive coaching and feedback sessions. Audition daily and practice craft while booking gigs. Have had the past experience of my own drive time (radio host) program; producing tons of market used commercials and promo material.


I have several loyal clients with small / medium sized business in the Twin City metro market.
-Law office
-Insurance Agency
-Vintage toy / antique store franchise
- home & gardening business
On-line / You Tube centered business
e-Learning moduels
Health care facility
crypto-currency marketing firm
IVR for:
-dental offfice
KFAN radio commercial content (Minneapolis/St. Paul market)


I have years of editing skills which enables me to complete work fast.