Ralph Lister

Ralph Lister

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"Warm, positive, intelligent - native Brit in a pro home studio"

After 350+ audiobooks, I have become a master of character work and I have a strong variety of voices for all ages and both genders. I also have recorded many non-fiction scholarly works, whether about peoples (for example, about the Arabs, or long-distance runners) or about new discoveries (in medicine, in science etc.) or about societal change (in politics, the environment etc.)
While I am a native Englishman (I was raised and educated in England), many of the fiction and non-fiction audiobooks which I have recorded are set in many other parts of the world, and these make excellent use of the many accents of which I am capable.


I am a UK-trained stage and film actor, and have been recording as a voice-over talent for 20+ years and as an audiobook narrator since 2010. I have become more and more experienced over time - every day I learn from directors, engineers, and other voice talent some new trick or skill to make my own voice work that little bit better. As an on-camera actor, I am a little famous for playing Jesse Eisenberg's assistant, Emmet Vale, in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In anime, I am a little famous for playing Walter "Angel of Death" Dollneaz in the international manga hit HELLSING.


Voice-over work for many European manufacturers and medical companies, and for the National Park Service in the USA. I have recorded commercials for banks, hospitals, cars, fast food, jewellery, alcohol, food - almost anything where an accessible British voice is required.

As an in-demand audiobook narrator, I am engaged by all the major US audiobook publishing companies such as Penguin Random House, Blackstone Audio, Audible, Tantor, Dreamscape, Christian Audio, Hachette, and many smaller independent audiobook publishers. This work allows me to operate full-time as a voice-over talent. I have a professional-grade studio at home (samples and equipment list available).


I have access to all the post-production services which I may ever need - proofing, editing, mastering - but I only arrange and manage these aspects of a recording rather than providing them myself. I also have access to researchers