Pedro Flynn

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"Authentic and Warm Portuguese Young Adult Male Voice"

With 5+ years of experience, I'm the trusted voice for the world's most trusted brands.

Worked with several known companies worldwide, with 600+ voice overs completed until this moment.

I have a very authentic Portuguese accent, with a welcoming and warm voice. Best known for my TV Commercials or Internet Advertisement.


It's a self-taught skill. I always enjoyed reading out loud since a young age or using my voice in different ways.


I've worked with the biggest Portuguese companies. From the most popular beer brand, to two of the best known retail corporations, telecommunications companies, hundreds of small companies.

Here's a list to name a few: Toyota, Volkswagen, Old Spice, Continente, Super Bock, Worten, NOS, CTT, etc...

I've also completed several Audiobooks during my career, two of them being for children.

Those are more than 600+ jobs and 5+ years of experience.


In 2016 I released a movie to the Portuguese theaters.

Currently I'm producing and writing an album, which will hopefully have a wide release later this year.