Pd Williams

Pd Williams

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"professional, smooth, warm, friendly"

A versatile UK voice, covering wide range of accents, including RP, London, American English, Neutral English, Caribbean and African.
Deep, authoritative, but also professional, warm and captivating, PD has been the voice of big organizations such as The African Commission of People's rights and the NHS, as well as the voice of trailers for sports events, radio shows and games


Lara Parmiani's Voice Over technique Classes, Actors Centre London
Vocal technique classes, City Lit, London


PD 's corporate clients include Pinarello bikes, Ecothermatik, Dream Energy, Yamaha, SDA, Logical soft. He's recorded medical videos for NHS England and Barts Trust. Advertising campaigns include Tottenham Hotspurs, City and County, Mental Health Day, Giro d'Italia, Jaguar. Video games include We Happy Few, Lost souls, Assassin's Creed, Pillars of the Earth. His also recorded audioguides for the Slavery musuem and documentaries for the African Commission of human rights.


Great talent for characterizations, cartoon and computer game voices.
Can do a great Barack Obama impersonation!