Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson

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"Trustworthy, natural, warm, welcoming, believable, real."

I have a wide range of styles.
Trustworthy, natural, warm, welcoming, believable, real.
There's my natural delivery, which is a sort of relaxed BBC style.
I can also be from Stepney in Sarf Landan if you like.
Then, I can sound as if I'm from Liverpool, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Yorkshire, Birmingham, the west, for character parts, and I have a large amount of experience to share, if you need any input.
I also know when to shut up and get on with it.



10 years in Radio Commercials.
2 years in Audio Books.
3 years in Podcasting.


Radio ads
Audio Books
E Learning
News presenting
Travel magazine


Characters are a big love for me.