Nola Dodd

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"Princess, Heroine, Teenager, Tough Girl, Friend."
Nola Dodd

Hey! So I'm really great at a lot of young female voices, whether it's your Disney Princess (I can also sing!), an action hero Heroine, a spoiled Teenager, a Soldier-like Tough Girl, or your typical best friend, I'm the girl for you! Here is a list of my main voices.

1. Natural - Adult Female Millennial
2. Princess
3. Teenage Girl
4. Spoiled Brat
5. Valley Girl
6. Little Girl
7. Shy Girl
8. Serious/Cold
9. Southern Belle
10. Toddler
11. Soldier
12. Villainess/Sultry
13. Witch
14. Ethereal
15. Mousey/Fairy
16. Little Boy


UCLA: BA in English/ Minor in Theater
Voice Acting: Advanced Animation Intensive Voicetrax West Susan Palyo
Voice Acting UCLA Extension Janet Wilcox
Voiceover 101 CCC John Wang
Basic Improv The Groundlings Karen Maruyama
Commercial Intensive Keep It Real Judy Kain
Acting Intermediate Intensive and On-Going Margie Haber Studio Natalia Castellanos
Acting Workshop: Shakespeare UCLA Michael Hackett,
Scene Analysis UCLA April Shawhan
Intermediate Acting UCLA Tom Orth


Infinium (Videogame) Non-Disclosed Evion Productions
Infinium (Videogame) Non-Disclosed Evion Productions
The Royal Fables (Audiobook) Chapter 1 Marc Clark
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Audiobook) Navi (Prologue, Ch: 1) DragonRand100


Singing: Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano (D3~D6), Basic Audio/Video Editing