Nick Troy

Nick Troy

Mitglied seit 10 Jahren
"Smart, Friendly, Upbeat, Conversational, Animated"

young, friendly, & upbeat for commercials
smooth & conversational for presentations
warm & professional for narrations
enthusiastic, energetic, & fun characters for animation
confident, natural, & precise for technical/medical/scientific work


David H Lawrence VXII
Joanne Joella
Ned Lott, Animation
Michael Bell, Animation
Sam Christensen, acting
The Groundlings, improv
Killian McHugh, commercials


Over 8 years of experience as a professional voice actor, from Nairobi to Hollywood. I have worked on numerous broadcast & non-broadcast projects, from commercials to audiobooks, narration, & animation.


I began my voiceover career on radio in Nairobi, Kenya, performing a variety of roles for commercials, promos, traffic, and even a short stint as a professional on-air prank caller! My experience with a variety of languages & cultures (and my fluent Swahili) has resulted not only in my own vocal versatility, but also in a deeper understanding of how we as humans communicate.