Neil Clark

Neil Clark

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"Warm, Believable, Resonate, Rich, Gravitas, Guy Next Door"

I'm a fresh talent that is passionate and competitive, with a rich, warm, authoriative, gravitas, believable, the guy next door, with occasional sinisterism and a bad boy.

I'm 50 years of age that enjoys playing with his voice. This is not a job to me it's a passion.

I will provide a professional edge to any project and no project is too big or too small. I will travel to you if you wish or direction can be done remotely using Skype or Source Connect.

I will offer a fast turn around, home remote recording service with skype and IPDTL facilities. I believe in getting the job done with least hassle to the client and if that means unlimited takes, then so be it. I'm trustworthy and honest from the get go.

I started my career in broadcasting with several years as a hospital radio presenter and then ventured into local radio where I was a technical operator and then a show presenter.

I am competitve and can offer great value for money.


I've been doing voices from an early age and entered into radio broadcasting First with two hospital radio stations, then I ventured into a local radio station.
I invested in voice coaching with Gary Terzza and put a show reel together.


Being fresh haven't landed any projects yet I'm very keen and passionate looking for an opening. I was asked by Dylan Cruz Productions to voice a AC, CHR and Classic Rock radio imaging samples.

I have auditioned for Inter Voiceover Agency, London and recorded a voice reel with them.

I have experience in radio broadcasting and love being creative with my voice.


I have the ability to produce radio jingles