Nansy Samaka

Nansy Samaka

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"From calm, warm and articulate to energetic, animated and bubbly"

I'm most familiar with narration, but also have a lot of experience doing character voices for dialogue in English-learning books. My work has mostly been with one studio that does English book CD recordings - I've recorded texts meant for reading exercises, short Q&A exercises, I've pretty much recorded any CD exercise and text type you can think of. I'm not only good at what I do, I'm efficient: any time I've gotten called into a studio I am done in about 5 minutes. Cold reading is something I'm very proficient at and I don't tend to need to do reruns of anything.

I have worked with the same studio and studio owner for the past few years and I have access to his fully-equipped studio whenever requested.


Funny enough, there was never any formal training. A friend of mine was going to a studio to record, I tagged along with her and they asked me to try and record something myself. So in a way I suppose my training was on the job, as I did get paid for both what I recorded that day and every commission ever since.


The studio I have worked for collaborates with Express Publishing, a company here in Greece that publishes a lot of voice over content mostly focusing around English audiobooks and English textbooks. All of my gigs have been for them. My proudest achievement is my current demo, which is a narrative text about Amnesty International. We recorded the entire text in one swift go despite the fact that I'd been abroad and hadn't worked in a studio for roughly a year. This is part of the reason I'm trying to expand my outreach through online commissions: I know that I can offer so much more than just audiobooks and have not had the chance to do so professionally.


Arguably my most impressive skill is my language proficiency: I speak Greek, American English, German and Italian fluently. Additionally, I can translate any of those languages between each other quite quickly. Languages aside, singing and performing has been a passion of mine for years. I have a professional degree in ballet and have been a part of my school's primary, middle and high school choirs as well as theater clubs. During my middle and high school years I had the pleasure of meeting and working with a professional pianist who was our choir director. She coached me and taught me how to sing and be a better performer overall. Those skills are what I believe prepared me the best for voice acting and voice overs.

More recently, I have done some work in the film industry that has helped me learn more about sound editing, mixing and what a quality piece of audio should look and sound like. Through my work as a Boom operator on a short film, I was able to see part of what working with audio is like and listen for myself what disturbances there can be in a recording. Since then I've started delving into sound mixing and editing and though I am not proficient yet, I hope to be able to provide fully edited and finished recordings soon.