Michelle Bayly

Michelle Bayly

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"A range of character, voices and ages for all your VO needs"

I have been working in voice over for cartoons, commercials, games and promos for two years now. I started in Vietnam doing E-learning books playing a range of characters and was told I should do more voice over.
Now I am back in the UK with my own home studio set up and am able to voice, record and clean client scripts from home.

A range of voices:
Cartoon (Heightened Characters)- I can play a range of ages from young child through to old age as heightened or cartoon characters. In a range of pitches- need an Ork, Old Lady, Young Girl and some silly voices in between- Im you're voice.

Games: With experience in heightened and naturalistic game voices I can do a range of characters and accents- Stand English, RP, Heightened Rp, North East and other British and American Accents. I can do a range of voices and styles within samples to give you a range to chose from for the project.

With a standard English informative soft voice I can bring a nice quality to your documentaries.


Self Training
Natural Sounding Voices workshops
Gravy for the Brain Website


I have voiced E-learning, commercials, web promos in Vietnam.
Have been doing a VR games project performing motion capture and doing the voice over/writing for an NDA project coming next year.


I can clean and edit my recorded voices.
Home Studio.
Performance Capture/Motion Capture artist for games.