Mercy Wangechi

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"From girlish, business, mature etc... enjoying working"

My first voice over role was in secondary school whilst on a school charity outing in the local high street. Next to out stall the local council was filming and asked us all to say a few words. When it was my turn I was asked to keep talking ... when the vedio came out I was the voice used for the video.

Since then, I've had the opportunity of jobs in marketing, poling (and other telephone services), sales, customer service, NHS emergency services but to name a few.

All these roles have required me to be versatile, 'meet people' from all walks of life and expand my voice capabilities.

I grew up in St Albans alough I was sent to back to Kenya in order to learn my heritage and know where my family comes from. The mix in my two cultures has opened me up to experiencing what other things the world has to offer and ready to delve into new challenges and experiences.

I'm really excited about working with different people and working together to create that final product that meets your needs.

I enjoy a chat to get to know an individual... yes I'll be that person that speaks to a complete stranger on the train; it's amazing the things you learn when you listen to what the world has to offer.


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