Maura Clerkin

Maura Clerkin

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"Londoner, BBC broadcaster, British, English, Irish, comedy"

Clear, distinctive, warm voice, classless yet classy. Sense of authority and education, but also of sardonic humor. Energetic with a good sense of being on your side. Versatile, with impeccable diction and clarity. Facility for finding the emotion in every scenario and knowing how much to use. Suitable for reassuring and informing. Quirky and musical. Natural storyteller with plenty of different accents, moods and characters at my disposal. English without being too posh!


Nancy Wolfson - Braintracks Audio
BBC radio & TV broadcasting in UK


Voice over for independent films:
Goat Story (Hirsch Films)
The Healer (Hirsch Films)
I Saw A Movie (Hirsch Films)

Children's radio series:
Chicken Weebus

BBC Broadcasting:
BBC TV Music Makers; World Service 'Revolver'; GLR Irish Programme; BBC Radio Suffolk
Announcer and Host, 'Blitz', Royal Festival Hall, London


ACCENTS - mainly British
* ENGLISH: RP, cockney, middle class, upper class, generic, home counties, Yorkshire, west country, estuary.
* IRISH: north, south, east, west, Dublin, Belfast, Kerry, posh, country, educated, leprechaun, colleen, Irish mother.
* EUROPEAN: French, Italian, Greek.
* AMERICAN: New York, generic, southern, west coast.

CHARACTERS: Duchess, dowager, queen, governess, snob, witch, classic, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, scullery maid, scrubber, beggar, servant, royal, teacher, nurse, mistress, crone, ghost, clairvoyant, spirit.
Particularly strong on comic characters, vulnerable and overbearing types. Also good on subtlety and the many strata of British society. Having worked as a bus driver and factory assembler, I speak with a range of voices from diverse and historical backgrounds and multiple sections of UK society. As a former newsreader on BBC radio and BBC TV for Schools presenter, I can be that persona in all authenticity!