Matt Nicholson

Matt Nicholson

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"Engaging and modern mid-range vocie actor and narrator"

Hi, I'm Matt, from Manchester, UK, and I have a clear mid range/tone voice and delivery style that's particularly well suited to documentary, learning, and content that requires the audience's attention. I'm a trained sound engineer and also a video production marketer, so I understand visual media from all angles.


I'm a certified sound designer and audio engineer with a degree from Spirit Studios in Manchester, where I specialised in sound for TV, Film and Games. As my career has diversified into voice acting and narration, I regularly train with voice coaches, acting classes, and online courses to improve my skills.


I started my voiceover career in my day job, producing training and marketing content for MPP Global (alongside producing their video content). Since then, I've worked with brands such as Eurosport, Wearevisco, Fielding Financial, Juvo, and as a contractor on a wide range of projects in training and elearning, documentary, and even audiobook narration. My strength is in documentary and explainer work in the corporate field.

In terms of voice acting (as opposed to voiceover) I've been connecting with indie animators and videogame developers, and have worked on independent animation, audiobooks, and comics, as well as full videogames and voice-acted mods. I'm particularly interested in building additional portfolio in this area alongside my established career in corporate media.


Voiceover is just one of the skills I have. I'm also a sound designer for media, video content producer, and composer. I've worked within the music industry for nearly two decades, and I'm currently highly focused on media production content.

I have a complete understanding of the processes around content production, which has proven particularly useful in VO in understanding that it's more than simply reading lines.