Matt King

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"Energetic & Empathetic with a range from Everyman to Announcer"
Matt King

I consider myself a voiceover Actor not only a voiceover artist. I specify this difference because of my long career in the performing arts. I have over 50 live productions under my belt with over 250 performances. In addition, I have worked in independent movies, commercials and as a spokesperson for a local company.

I began my voice over career with an arcade game prototype. I have since recorded for a NASCAR RC lap counting software package, telephony applications, and dozens of commercials in a range of voices and characters.

When you want more than a voice, when you want to hear the emotion that drives the written word, give me a call!


I have been performing from the age of 7 and worked with dozens of directors. This has taught me how to mold my performance to the director's vision.

I have a minor in theater in college and have attended numerous acting workshops over the years since.


I have worked for numerous local companies in the Western New York Market including LT Equipment, The Lancaster Opera House, Madd Matt's Entertainment, Oogie Games and more


I have a 200+ square foot custom soundproof and acoustically treated studio in my home that allows me to work anytime, 24 hours a day.

I have performed in dozens of musicals and have a wide singing range.