Martyn Swain

Martyn Swain

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"Full-bodied, vintage, mellifluous"

Combine the talents of a professional language communicator (simultaneous interpreter) with those of a stage, screen and film actor, add those of a broadcaster and narrator, presentation and media handling skills tutor, and you have a unique portfolio of vocal assets.


I have worked as a professional simultaneous interpreter for, on and off, more than 30 years: over the same period, I have worked with a professional repertory company in the UK, trained in the UK as a presentation and media handling skills tutor, acted in film and TV in South Africa as well as having worked in current affairs broadcasting, using English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.


I devised, wrote and voiced over the animation, "Smart Speaking at International Meetings" by Calliope Interpreters. This short video is being used extensively by major international organisations such as the EU, UN, and NATO among others. I devised wrote and voiced over the animation, "Let Them Hear You" for the International Association of Conference Interpreters (aiic) The animation has been translated into several languages. I have also produced numerous corporate voice overs.


My experience as a simultaneous interpreter enables me to adapt easily and quickly to new narrative and discourse: an ability to grasp the subtext of what is being said is vital to being able to communicate it effectively. The same applies to voice acting. I interpreted for Nelson Mandela shortly after his release from prison in South Africa and have interpreted at the highest level for major international organisations and world leaders. I have a performer's ability to deliver under stress. My work as a presentation and media handling skills tutor has combined my linguistic, performance and communication talents in enabling speakers to reach and affect listening audiences.