Mark stahr

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"Friendly Warm Adult"

Mark Stahr brings over 36 years of voice-over experience, ready to deliver your message in a clear, creative style. All too often repeat advertising business is lost in radio, television and with advertising agencies because we lose focus of clearly delivering the proper message to the clients’ consumers. Mark works one on one with you to see that the message is properly delivered. He understands that painting that mental picture of the product in the consumers’ minds is what drives them to purchase it. If you want an awesome spot delivered on a moments notice then Mark Stahr is who you need for your next voice over project.


Started in Radiio on air and worked hard beginning in 1981.


Tv and Radio Commercials all over the United States.
Web Narrations all over the World.
Voice Overs on National Geographic Channel.
Morning, Midday and Afternoons Radio Personality.


Voice Overs for any Dempgraphic.