Mark Carpenter

Mark Carpenter

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"5 Star service from an easy to work with and direct professional"

I love the variety of commercial and narration VO. I bring my life experience to every read. I'm easy to direct and want nothing more than to help sell your product or service.


1 on 1 coaching from some of the top names in the business. Improv acting classes, and many hours in the recording booth.


I Have a 25 year broadcasting background with the last 6 years VO only. I feel it is an advantage having a broadcast background, even though some in the business don't agree. I understand quick turn around, efficiency, have great timing, the "chain of command", not afraid of the mic and am good at relaying your message.


Mark believes in treating clients like partners. Working together remotely should be as easy as if you were working together in person. The work is completed promptly (often same day) so you never have to guess the progress of your project or worry if it will be completed on time.