Maggies Voice

Maggies Voice

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"Dialogues, Real People, Characters, Foreign Accents, French"

Specializing in Voice Acting : Dialogues, Real People for Radio or TV voice, Corporate Situational Training Courses, Re-enactments, Testimonials, Video Games, Animation, Character Voices, Foreign Accents (Comedic or Serious/Believable) and Voice Actor for Believable Conversational pieces.

A native French speaker, I record on a regular basis in French Canadian and European French for Radio and TV Commercials, Business Presentations, E-Learning, Training Courses, Dialogues & more. Extensive experience in dubbing and matching audio to video or audio to audio.

Other specialties include Medical and Scientific Narration.


Bachelor of Music - Vocal Performance (trained as classical singer) and extensive Acting.

25+ years in the performing industry.


Clients include Fedex, VISA, Mazda, BOSE, Oral-B, Microsoft, NEC, Dell, Toyota, Hilton Hotels, American Airlines, Pier One Imports, Best Buy, Saks Fifth Ave, Huggies, Citibank, Home Depot, IKEA, British Petroleum, IBM, Bayer, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Astra Zeneca, Liberty Mutual, Abbott Laboratories and many more..


Foreign Accents: French (Both European and French Canadian), Hungarian, Russian, Italian, German, UK English, Indian, Irish, Scottish, Eastern European (Polish, Serbian, Romanian, etc..), Brooklyn (NY), Southern American and more. I can also create "hybrid" accents where I invent an accent that cannot be identified to a specific region.

Many, many, many character voices.... for video games, animation, radio/tv and more. I can change my voice to sound from 16 years old to 100 years old.