mack kuhr

mack kuhr

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"I am a full-time professional voice actor based in NYC"

I record in my custom soundproofed home studio which is outfitted with all professional grade equipment to ensure the best audio quality/post production for your project and allows me to produce rapid turnaround.

I have a passion for immersing myself into the script and bringing my absolute best to the project's vision and expectations. I enjoy challenges that may be out of my comfort zone that can help me grow as a well versed voiceover artist.

I have over ten years working on camera and voiceover in New York City, I accept creative direction and project notes with ease and produce quality work according to the client's needs. I enjoy what I do very much and I enjoy working with people in the industry that has kept me a working professional in a very competitive market.


I’ve studied with:
- Bill DeWees
-Ellie Devers of AP Voices
-The Maggie Flanigan studio
-Animation casting director/voice coach Andy Roth


Studios/networks Mack has has worked with on camera:

• Disney
• NBC Universal
• Paramount Pictures
• DC Comics
• Thunder Road
• Black Sun Entertainment* (pre-production)
• 87 Eleven etc..

In the voice over world, Mack joins the season 4 cast for the animated series “The Spectacular Spider-Man: Continued” as the treacherous Hobgoblin and Captain America for season 5. Mack takes on the role of "Commander Lock" in the upcoming highly anticipated sci-fi cyberpunk NETFLIX animated series for 2022 from director David Weinstein “Azureus Rising”. Mack just recently came on as Spellbinder for the audiobook “Batman: Dark Crusader" and is currently lending his voice as Colonel Shikishima for the action packed motion comic of the cult classic anime feature “Akira” as well as “Gundam Sangoku Soketsuden” as Guan Yu Nu. Mack is currently recording 28 episodes for season 4 of the unofficial “Transformers Animated” series project as both the Autobot leader Optimus Prime and the hard-nosed chief medical officer Ratchet. He supplied a total of 10 character voices for the children’s animated short “The Digital Boys” and just finished “The Adventures of Mega Monkey and Kung Fu Kitty”. Within promotional work, he recently has worked with FLOSS Beauty and just completed the 2021 campaign for RIDGE WALLET. Mack is currently charging up 2021 in “Star Wars Old Republic: The Vallus Conspiracy”


I edit all my own work in-studio. I have fast turnaround with this setup that makes my return business a great aspect for my craft. I'm proud to have 100% satisfaction with all my clients across the board. My projects are getting bigger and more exciting with every quarter and I look forward to working with you!