Lynn Foley

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"The voice of authority wrapped in a velvet glove"

I am non-union and am signed with two agencies in the US and one in Canada. In 2012 I started working VO part time in conjunction with a full time position, then in 2016 I converted into full time VO work.

Prior to the beginning of my voiceover training and up until last year I worked in healthcare for 36 years. I pull on that experience with patients and fellow healthcare professionals along with my knowledge of medical terminology. To play the roles of Patients, Doctors and Nurses in clinical situations for interactive e-learning training of medical professionals.

Daily I record magazine articles from Time, Reuters, Forbes, and Skift for as service called Spoken Layer. Who distributes the recordings to those who prefer to listen than rather read the articles.

I also do Commercial, Narration, and Character work, even some Telephony.

Lastly, I am currently active with Voice 123, and have a pool of approximately 30 regular clients.


I started Voiceover training in 2009. I have attended two Voiceover Training Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first was Voicetrax in Sausalito and the second was at Voice One in San Francisco. Also I have sought out the best coaches in their individual fields and attended their classes, seminars and had private lessons as well. Those include Elaine Clark, Pat Fraley, Bob Bergen, Charlie Adler, Harlan Hogan, Fred Farmer, Tom Pinto, Tom Chantler, J. Michael Collins, Mary Lynn Wissner, Everett Oliver...and many others. I also have attended numerous Voiceover conferences over the years, and improvisation acting classes at my local community college.


My Major clients are: Laerdal in Denmark
Shadow Health in the US
Modern Teacher in the US
Spoken Layer in the US

National TV commercial for ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
Web Based Book Trailer: The Thickety The Whispering Trees by author J.A. White


I have done some singing, obviously healthcare knowledge, and lastly I have a library of royalty free music that my clients can avail themselves of if their project requires.