Luke Munson

Luke Munson

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren
"A vaudeville of voices"

Luke Munson loves to deliver a fun and unique collection of characters for whatever the project may be! A daring-dose of personality and easy communication; always the best ingredients to start crafting a performance. Most people skip the commercials while watching TV or listening to the radio. Not Luke. Growing up, he devoured all the voices he could hear. The same with cartoons. His heroes were the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig (he's also voiced them in various projects!) With all those commercial and cartoons creating a cacophony of voices inside his head, it was only a matter of time before they needed to find a way out. Characters from fun, upbeat, or conversational, to authoritative, announcer-like, young, heroic, villainous, or plain nervous-wrecks. Every character is a chance to have fun and create something new. All just part of the show with a Vaudeville of Voices!

Voice Types:
Animated Conversational Narrator Professional Storyteller Believable Confident Wacky Nervous Happy Smiling Authentic Excited Meaningful Informative Excited Character Upbeat Warm Raspy Guy Next Door Announcer Spokesman Everyman Charming Classical Acidic Clear Content Childish Young Adult Millennial Young Man Cynical Earnest Firm Gentle Fierce Lazy Jubilant Depressed Lively Matter of Fact Light Nasal Ragged Nasty Sarcastic Raw Scornful Sweet Wheezy Suave Rough Casual Serious Enthusiastic Formal Sly Fun Cheerful Edgy Dry Playful Sleek Respectful Smart Trendy Sympathetic Trustworthy Witty Quirky Small Big Flat Fruity Gruff Low Wobbly Motivational Leader Honest Dynamic Bold Creative Eclectic Imaginative Strong Weak Funny Engaged Noir Curious Easygoing Courageous Personable Amiable Fast Modest Inventive Bubbly Calm Technical Squeaky Loveable Villainous Bad guy Good guy Silly Elearning

Character Types:
Teenager Young man Conversationalist Hero Villain Cowboy Butler Mad Scientist Monster Delinquent Dwarf Elf Human Doctor Military Leader General Nerd Geek Newsperson Angel Demon Police Officer Detective Infantry Soldier Gunfighter Mayor Superhero Supervillain Henchman Secret Agent Politician Goblin Ogre Orc Radio Show Host Farmer Gentleman Knight Outlaw Swashbuckler Pirate Drunkard Vigilante Con man Surfer Gangster Dog Cat Robot Alien Traveler Spaceman Boxing announcer Commercial man School teacher Store Manager Prince Talking animal Businessman Old time radio Actor Boss Sidekick Prankster Time Traveler
Rogue Customer Ordinary man Scholar Scientist Thief Magician Wizard Tyrant Hunter Dreamer Bureaucrat Coward Explorer Adventurer Messenger Rebel Jester
Elearning narrator


One-on-one training with Bill Farmer of Toonhouse, Inc. in the ways of commercial and character voice acting.


Luke has provided voice work for all these great clients!

Harper Collins
Eipix Entertainment
5 Towns Radio
Area 35 Games
Dimensional Mechanics
American 70s Radio
Alliance Health Center
Albatross Radio


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