Lucille Fox

Lucille Fox

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"My voice is sophisticated, clear and pleasant to listen to"

I'm a Dublin gal living in Seattle so my natural accent is a neutral Dublin, not too thick but still distinctively Irish. My articulation is very clear which is really beneficial for eLearning, explainers and corporate narration.

Having lived in the US for as long as I have lived in Dublin, I can also speak with a very good transatlantic/mid Atlantic vocal style


Direct Coaching from:
J Michael Collins, and
James Andrews through the Edge Studio.
Gravy for the brain webinars and mentoring and live coaching from Hugh Edwards and Peter Dickson
Podcasts by Jamie Muffett
The VOcation conference was a huge learning resource
Singing lessons in Jazz
Improv through Unexpected Productions here in Seattle
Voice acting with the Freehold Theatre


I volunteer my voice through a program for reading and recording for the visually impaired.


Post production