Lizzie Ray

Lizzie Ray

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"Youthful & Energetic sound that breathes life into projects."

My voice is naturally suited for high energy characters, but is versatile in that more tired characters can be well suited to it as well with some tweaking.
I have a naturally youthful voice, that is best suited for anywhere from a child to a young mother. I typically find myself cast as a teenager in most of my current credits.


Years of theater and online voice acting classes.


Chitose Naruse in the English Dub of "Island Of Giant Insects". (Passione)

Erika in "ageLOC® TR90® TrimShake VS ageLOC® TR90® GreenShake"

Chloe & Hope in "Oh So Lucky! Doctor"
Yuria in "Once More (Demo)" (Malheur Games)
Announcer #2 in "Motionsickness" (Schwarzerblitz)
Angry Gamer & Mystical Woman in "One Dreamer: Prologue"


Audio Editing & Cleanup