Leonard Dozier

Leonard Dozier

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"I Let My Soul Do The Talking"

Dave Giorgio, an audiobook producer, once wrote "Leonard has one of the most beautiful voices in the industry." I have always taken that to be reflective of also the person behind the voice. As one of the leading voice over coaches in the states I often tell my students that there are many voices that are friendly or trusting or this or that but there is, unequivocally, no other YOU in the world. That's the spirit I bring to my work. There is no other me and even with a beautifully distinctive voice that has voices nearly every genre of VO, it's the man behind the voice that global clients such as the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, IPNOS and more have made their voice.


As a voice talent, one of the first books I made my Bible was James Alburger's "The Art of Voice Acting." This was a great supplement to my my training as an actor where I studied at the renowned Weist-Barron-Ryan Acting School and then at Fordham University in New York City. I would later go on to study with some of the leading individual coaches in the states such as David Alden, Brent Allen Hagel, David Walsh and Harry Dunn.


ADDY award-winning voice for my work as the official voice of Boomtown Casino
Voice for NFL Films, having narrated the last four Super Bowls
Voice for Nascar
Voice for the NBA
Voice for Relaxed Melodies under Ipnos (one of the world's leading apps for bedtime stories)
Voice for PHMG, (one of the world's leaders for voice prompting and telephony
One of the leading voice over coaches in the nation having worked with the largest actors union SAG-AFTRA to develop talent


I am a professional singer and songwriter and have four albums recorded to date
I am also a public speaker and writer