Leah Brown

Leah Brown

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"Youthful Kid to Young Adult"

What makes my voice unique is that I have naturally youthful sounding voice. I have trained my voice to do multiple cartoon characters. Along with this I can also do teenage and young adult voices well.


I have been schooling with suchavoice.com where I received 1 on 1 coaching. Also I have done cartoon classes with Sara Jane Sherman, she is a Disney casting director. On this site there are many articles and videos that help further with knowledge on voice overs.


I have done an E-Learning program where I portrayed three different children’s voices reading the same script. Another was for a law firm in New York. I was a teenage daughter telling her dad how disappointed she was in him that he had committed fraud. I also read for a homeschool social studies program about neighborhoods, families, and the environment. Lastly, Most recently, I read for a medical study and played the role of a girl in college named Jenny that struggled with anorexia.


Singing, Cartoon Voices.