Lauren Liebowitz

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"Hit the bull's eye. Call in the best, call Lauren Liebowitz"
Lauren Liebowitz

Lauren Liebowitz approaches copy with the skill of an expert marksman and "nails it" every time. Her straight-forward practical delivery is the definition of believable; rest assured, folks, your copy will always hit its mark.

But let's not forget the "fun factor". Having studied with The Groundlings and Second City, Lauren's improv skills are extraordinarily facile. As a talk show host, she is fast on her feet and quick with a quip.

She is also a dyed-in-the-wool Musical Theater buff with razor-sharp timing, a talent she has used to prove she can hold her own in the death-defying world of stand-up with appearances at The Comedy Store, The Ice House, The Improv and LA Cabaret. When you want to hit the bull's eye, call in the best, call Lauren Liebowitz.

These skills can only be performed by a trained professional. Do not try this at home.



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