Kristie Gamer

Kristie Gamer

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"On Her Game VO Non-Anncr Natural - Upbeat, Warm, Smart & Savvy"

It's been said that you can tell a lot in a name and mine speaks for itself. I always bring my A game. I can do a little heartfelt 'hitch' with my voice that makes folks feel like 'awwwww all cozy & warm'. Some key words that I've heard back from clients are: authentic, comforting, benevolent, confident, friendly, soothing, grounded, knowledgeable, optimistic, energetic, fun, feminine-tomboy, sporty, savvy, sunny, comfy & trustworthy. A while back I read a scratch track for an Amazon video that was reviewed by Jeff Bezos, and he was quoted as saying 'don't change the voice, I love the voice'. I'm an avid reader and love to learn about all the content when I book technical & medical / healthcare explainer vids. It's fun to learn about so many different industries. I'm energetic, fun & a true friend, and you can hear that in my voice. What you see & hear is what you get. No faking here. Honest, straightforward, educated and earnest. I'll meet you in the pub to discuss...will be the first one on the dance floor and will inevitably close it down with some Karaoke.


25 + years working on commercials & corporate video productions with writers, producers & directors. Childrens Theater Company School & University of Minnesota /Speech Communications, Theater & Music. Seattle Voice Academy.


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