Conner Evans

Conner Evans

Mitglied seit 10 Jahren •
"Conversational, Uplifting, Corporate"

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Conner Evans has been a voice talent, voice actor for years and got his start in Hollywood, CA / Beverly Hills. Conner consistently performs voices in the following categories and styles: promotional Video, uplifting, corporate web video, guy next door, conversational, sincere, car dealer, college commercial, casual, upbeat, web promo, believable, professional, classy, radio imaging, friendly, college promotional, inspiring, corporate, convincing, young, gravitas, baritone, blue Collar, story Telling, story Teller, warm, energetic, calm , soothing, product demo, positive , explanatory, motion kinetype, casual, positive, corporate, wise, informed, fun, warm, biotech, biomed, kickstarter, dry, witty, gravitas, sarcastic, clear, believable, internal video, caring, empathetic , airy, established , subtle, high, energy, millennial, sophisticated, goofy, pleasant, natural, straight-forward, irreverent, John Krasinski, Bill Hader, Beck Bennett, intelligent, confident, authority, genuine, hip, witty, humor, somber, grit and raspy, sincere and guy next door.

His voice style has been called: conversational, regular guy, friendly guy, upbeat, happy guy, cool, laid back voice, refreshing voice, educational voice, narration voice, explainer video voice, whiteboard animation voice. Conner is constantly recording explainer videos, explainer video projects, white board animation, business tutorials, educational tutorials, how to videos, commercials, television commercials, radio commercials, Youtube commercials, Youtube videos, internet videos, e-learning, radio imaging, industrials, television promos, television narration, narrations, IVR prompts and more.

Can sound similar to: John Krasinski and John Hamm


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