Kina Nyman

Mitglied seit 4 Jahren
"Young and middle aged adult singer and v.o. artist"

I have many years of experience from vocal producing in daw so I am skilled at editing voices leaving no unwanted sounds in between the takes and words. I work with a Neumann TLM 102 -mic and an UAD Apollo- interface. Always make four perfect versions of the text to choose from when 20 sek- spots. For songs/ jingles I make background vocal packages in perfect quality (after your specific needs) and two to three lead takes. I never leave a customer unhappy with the result.


Many years of working with music and voice production and song writing for publishing companies.


I regularly get requests from swedish leading voice over companies like Voice to me and Bauer Media production. I have done the vocals on Volkswagen and Kinnarps jingles ang many many employees around sweden and denmark throughout the years.


I compose, sing and speak, edit and lately also pre-produce music.